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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd.

HX Series

PLC Based PAC System for IoT Applications

Integrating Core Control and Communications of Automated Machines and Production Facilities

Communication Control, Motion Control, Sequence Control

  • Ether CAT® Motion Control
    • Controls multiple axes and I/O using EtherCAT®
      (Various EtherCAT® slave devices such as Hitachi AC Servo ADV series)

    Motion Control

    • Supports function blocks for PLC open compliant motion control
  • Supports programming languages compatible with IEC61131-3 international standards
  • Supports data login using SD memory
  • Sensor and actuator control
    (Various sensors and actuators including Hitachi inverters)

    Sensor and actuator control

  • OPC-UA for communication with higher level information systems
    ERP linkage, MES connection, SCADA system connection, etc.
  • Supports information communications
    Ethernet (TCP/IP), IP communications, web support, etc.
  • Connection with various control equipment and HMI

    onnection with various control equipment and HMI

  • Field network support
    (Partially combined use with dedicated master modules)

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