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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

The EHV+ Series is a fully IEC61131-3 compliant PLC Series which offers effective programming features and reduced debugging and commissioning time.

EHV+ SeriesEHV+ Series

CPU module "EHV+"

The powerful hardware performances of existing EHV Series are succeeded to EHV+, such as multi-programming port (USB, Ethernet, Serial), compatibility of I/O modules for EH-150 Series, high reliability, superior in quality and much more.

Scalable memory size (2 Models)

EHV-CPU1025 (512KB)
EHV-CPU1102 (2,048KB)

EHV-CPU1025 (512KB) EHV-CPU1102 (2,048KB)

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) "HX-CODESYS"

HX-CODESYS is a professional development tool based on CODESYS V3.5 by 3S.
Compared to standard CODESYS, following components are additionally included in the installation file(setup.exe)

- Device description files (.xml) for EHV+ Series
- Special libraries for EHV+ Series. (get_error_info, Counter_interface, etc.)

  • Standardized programming style with 5 programming languages (LD, FBD, IL, ST, SFC).

  • No need to study manufacturer’ s specific programming way.

  • Easy to start using Hitachi PLC for those who having;
       No experience of PLC
       Experience of other manufacturer’s programming
       Experience of high level languages

  • Same Variable names are shared by PLC, HMI, SCADA, and other I/O devices.

  • Offline simulation function on programming software.

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