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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

Point1. Plug-in type lead connection

All 6" motor leads are stranded copper, extremely flexible,
150 inches in length and field replaceable.

Point2. Durable Insulation

The motor stator coil of the canned type is mounted in a stainless steel frame and is completely sealed in a protective stainless steel cylinder. Complete water proofing insures long life for the moisture resistant insulation.

Point3. Excellent heat resistance

Strength against thermal flucuation and internal mechanical stress is assured by the use of a patented "Hi-canned Resin". The space between the stator, stainless steel protective can and frame is filled with this epoxy resin, allowing faster and greater heat dissipation resulting in longer motor life.

Point4. 95 °F(35 °C)Water temperature(6", 5 - 40HP)

The Hitachi motors operate with a flow rate 0.5ft/sec. (0.15m/sec) in water temperature up to 95 °F (35 °C) without any derating of horsepower. This 95 °F(35°C) temperature is 18°F(10 °C)higher than NEMA standards.

Point5. High-performance thrust bearing

The well established KINGSBURY design thrust bearing creates a wedge of water between the pivot shoe and carbon disc. Our innovative design permits hign thrust loads to be placed on the bearings while showing no measurable wear after several years of severe duty operation. This allows for long pumping life, virtual troble free operation and low maintenance. For all 6" motors, the 300lbs. maximum continuous up-thrust is absorbed between the upper carbon sleeve bearing and the rotor balance ring. For all 8"~14" motors, the 1000lbs. maximum continuous up-thrust is carried between the upper slide plate and the separate up-thrust carbon bearing.

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