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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

(1)Easy selection of displayed parameters

  • Data comparison function
    Display parameters changed from default setting.
  • Basic display
    Display most frequently used parameters.
  • Quick display
    Display 32 user-selected parameters.
  • User-changed parameter display
    Store automatically and display the parameters changed by the user (Up to 32 sets); can also be used as change history.
  • Active parameter display
    Display those parameters which are enabled.

(2)Micro surge voltage suppress function

Hitachi original PWM control method limits motor terminal voltage to less than twice inverter DC bus voltage.
Lower than Hitachi motor max. insulation voltage (1,250V)
(During regeneration, the motor terminal voltage may exceed the motor maximum insulation voltage (1,250V))

(3)Watt-hour monitor

Energy consumption is displayed in kwh.

(4)Password function

The WJ200 inverter has a password function to prevent changing parameters or to hide some or all parameters.

(5)Dual rating

WJ200 can be used for both heavy and normal duty. One-frame-size smaller WJ200 can be applicable to certain applications.
* 1-phase 100V class is only with CT.

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