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Easy sequence [EzSQ] programming function

Sequence operation is realized by downloading to an inverter a program created with Hitachi's EzSQ software. User program can be compiled on EzSQ software on a PC. External components can be simplified or eliminated, resulting in cost-savings.

EzSQ Example:Energy cost saving by speed reduction.

  • Daytime: Motor speed is automatically reduced to reduce demand during peak hours.
  • Nighttime: Motor speed is increased to take a advantage of off-peak power rates.

Example of driving program
Example of dribing program

Safe stop function

WJ200 conforms to the applicable safety standards and corresponds to Machinery Directive of Europe. Shuts down the inverter by hardware, bypassing the CPU, to achieve reliable safe stop function. The safety standard can be met at a low cost.
(Cat.3, PLd to EN/ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL2 to EN 62061/ IEC 61508/ EN 61800-5-2)
* 1-phase 100V class is not certified.

Safe stop function

Network compatibility & External ports

A serial RS-485 Modbus/RTU port is standard. The WJ200 can communicate via DeviceNet, CompoNet, PROFIBUS and CANopen with optional expansion card (planned). USB (Mini-B connector) port and RS-422 (RJ45 connector) port are standard.



Ease of wiring


Screw-less terminals (control circuit terminals) spring-loaded, for use with solid or stranded wire with ferrules.

Side-by-side installation

Inverters can be installed with no space between them to save space in the panel.


  • * Ambient temperature 40ºC max., individual mounting.

Easy adjustment of frequency

Pot for frequency adjustment is available as option kit.


Global standards

CE, UL, c-UL, RCM approvals.
(1-phase 100V class is for UL and c-UL only.)


Logic input and output terminal can be configured for sink or source logic. Input voltage 240V for 200V class and 480V for 400V class as standard.

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