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Calculation formulas for the chain hoist selection

Max. No. of starts per hour, Duty factor and Load ratio should be studied besides specifications of the chain hoist.

Calculation formula

(1) Max. No. of starts per hour = 2 x n x N

•Calculation Example
No. of starts are total of inching, thus it is calculated by assuming the No. of inching for lifting or lowering.

Calculation Example
(2) Calculation Example

•Calculation Example

Calculation Example
(3) Calculation Example

•Calculation Example
When a 0.4t load is suspended on a 1-ton rated load electric chain hoist for a one-way trip, with a no-load return trip.
(Lifting sling is 0.3t)

Calculation Example

Load condition is Medium, and the mean operating time per day will be within two hours. , One size up chain hoist must be selected in case it is used over the time.

n No. of inching per lifting or lowering
N No. of transfer per hour
rittoru Lifting height
v Hoisting speed
t1, t2, t3... Each transfer time ratio to the total operating time
P1, P2, P3... Each load ratio to the rated load

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