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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Vision System MC-20S


  • HITACHI original adjustable matching method optimally suited for ink jet printers
  • Featuring a color camera for flexible print verification
  • Dedicated white LED strobe lighting and controller power supply *1
  • Optimally adjusted focus and lighting previously reliant on individual intuition
  • Print interpretation (Binarization) setup is easier, by suggesting the optimal color filter values
For models with lights

Features Reliable: Reliable print verification with years of solid performance Simple: Constantly striving for user-friendly configuration and operation Versatile: Versatile functions helping achieve total marking


Human-like assessment

Matching verification method

Adjustable matching

HITACHI original adjustable matching method is adopted to enable human-like assessment according to changes in the size and line thickness of dot fonts. This allows the character size and tilt, which would otherwise be judged NG by general image verification, to pass the verification stage and prevents unnecessary item rejection.

Adjustable matching

Providing flexible print verification

Corresponding to color camera

A color camera can be used to judge color differences that would not otherwise be identifiable by a monochrome camera. Software color filters eliminate the need for users to select lighting and install color filters.

Corresponding to color camera


Supporting the setup process

Simplified adjustment guide

Simplified item setup by following the on-screen guidance.

Simplified adjustment guide

Recommended value guide

For general verification, parameters, such as “setting binarized level” and “setting color filter” , which may have a significant impact on verification preciseness, are displayed on screen for a user-friendly configuration, which would be conventionally difficult without professional knowledge.

Digital display of focus and diaphragm


Optimally configured focus and diaphragm, which were previously reliant on operator’s experience and intuition, are displayed as numeric readings.
Various adjustments by checking the numeric data carry simple setting.

Assisted focal adjustment

The point with the highest focal value of manual adjustment is found and displayed at the appropriate focal position on screen.

Setting of lighting and adjustment of diaphragm

The densities (lighting) of the center and four corners are displayed when capturing the white image, which allows checking for uniform and appropriate lighting.


Supporting precise print verification

Various corrective functions available

Rotation correction

Even where the moving work rotates (±180°), the immediate rotation correction allows stable print verification.

Reference position correction

The print position of characters and logo marks can be set as reference values, which allows immediate catch-up for correction, even if the work position moves back and forth and around.

Automatic adjustment to print data changes

Calendar and count-up

The calendar and count function are built in for automatic catch-up with print data change such as the date of manufacture, best-before date, and serial lot number.
The offset function is provided for automatic calculations in compliance with the period (offset) setting.

Reinforced by combination

Collaboration with Hitachi IJ printers

High-level collaboration with Hitachi IJ printer. Switching items and changing printed characters on the printer side can be automatically aligned with the Vision System.

Storage of verification results and error patterns

Traceability and image saved

The time and the verification results can be saved as traceability information.


Item Model
MC-20SW1 MC-20SW0
Number of registered items 240 items
Number of verification areas Max. 6 areas
Number of verification characters Max. 16 characters per area
Verification characters Characters marked by IJP, laser, thermal and stamp
Tilt of characters Within ±3°
Verification method Character matching, presence and area
Character dictionary 20 patterns per font
(OK characters: 10 patterns, NG characters: 10 patterns)
Block: 8 patterns
Speed 400 pieces/min*1
Counter display Total verified, pass and error patterns
Correction function Rotation correction (±180°), reference position correction, shading correction
Rotation correction Search range: ±180°
Tilt cutting ±30°
Substitution Alphanumeric substitution of year, month, date and time; count-up random verification
Save of images Latest NG images: 100; latest OK images: 8
Result signal output Strobe
Touch panel display interface 15.0 inch TFT LCD, Resistive touch panel
Camera Interface Color VGA, or Monochrome VGA camera
Connectable cameras 1
Light White LED strobe lighting x 2 -
Light controller Dedicated light controller -
External memory USB port x 2
Data interface RS-232C
Input signal Verification sensor, encoder, error reset, count reset, test mode
Output signal Display light, verification result, verification ready, unit ready,
verification complete, test mode, external strobe
Power supply AC100-120/200-240V±10%, 50/60Hz
Electricity consumption 120VA or lower
Ambient temperature and humidity 0-40°C/32-104°F,30-80%RH
Operating environment No condensation, no dust, nor corrosive gas
Weight Approx. 8kg/18lbs
The number varies depending on the verification details.


  • Touch panel display
  • Lens(8mm)/Lens(12mm)/Lens(16mm)
  • Camera:Color camera/Monochrome camera

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