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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

The application PC board is available for getting built into the inverter. With these PC boards, the inverter can be upgraded to be a high function and performance.

Option cassette for SJ series P1

Options List Use and Function etc
Ethernet P1-EN Communication via Ethernet(Modbus-TCP)
(This can also be used with PC setup software(ProDriveNext).)
EtherCAT P1-ECT Communication via EtheCAT.
PROFIBUS-DP P1-PB Communication via PROFIBUS-DP.
PROFINET*1 P1-PN Communication via PROFINET.
Encoder Feedback P1-FB High-precision operation and easy positioning control.
Vector control with sensor.
Safety*1 P1-FS SS1, SLS and others are available with this option.
Analog input and output*1 P1-AG Analog input and output can be expanded with this option.
Available soon.

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