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The LCR filter smoothes inverter output current and voltage waveforms and reduces vibrations in the motor, noise from the motor, and radiated noise from the wires. The LCR filter suppresses a voltage surge that occurs at the motor terminals when driving a 400V class motor.

Connecting Diagram

Connecting Diagram

Combination of L, C, and R

200V class

Motor capacity
AC reactor L Capacitor C Resistor R
0.2 ACL-L2-0.4 LPF2-H474
0.4 ACL-L2-0.4 LPF2-H474
0.75 ACL-L2-0.75 LPF2-H105
1.5 ACL-L2-1.5 LPF2-H105
2.2 ACL-L2-2.2 LPF2-H225
3.7 ACL-L2-3.7 LPF2-H225
5.5 ACL-L2-5.5 LPF2-H335
7.5 ACL-L2-7.5 LPF2-H475 R-2-100
11 ACL-L2-11 LPF2-H685 R-2-100
15 ACL-L2-15 LPF2-H825 R-2-100
18.5 ACL-L2-18.5 LPF2-H156 R-2-150
22 ACL-L2-22 LPF2-H156 R-2-150
30 ACL-L2-30 LPF2-H186 R-2-150

400V class

Motor capacity
AC reactor L Capacitor C Resistor R
0.4 ACL-H2-0.4 LPF2-H474
0.75 ACL-H2-0.75 LPF2-H474
1.5 ACL-H2-1.5 LPF2-H474
2.2 ACL-H2-2.2 LPF2-H474
3.7 ACL-H2-3.7 LPF2-H105
5.5 ACL-H2-5.5 LPF2-H105
7.5 ACL-H2-7.5 LPF2-H225
11 ACL-H2-11 LPF2-H225
15 ACL-H2-15 LPF2-H335 R-2-100
18.5 ACL-H2-18.5 LPF2-H475 R-2-150
22 ACL-H2-22 LPF2-H475 R-2-150
33 ACL-H2-33 LPF2-H475 R-2-150
37 ACL-H2-37 LPF2-H685 R-2-220
45 ACL-H2-45 LPF2-H685 R-2-220
55 ACL-H2-55 LPF2-H825 R-2-270
3 registers per set. AC reactor L is the same as AC reactor for reducing vibration in the motor.

LCR filter for mass model (75kW~)

Connecting Diagram

Connecting Diagram

In the model of 75kW or more, the number of connected steps of R-C circuits (resistor-Condenser combination circuit) is different depending on the career frequency of the inverter.

Raising the career frequency of the inverter can decrease the number of steps. The capacity of ACL is selected, and the number of steps of filter. R-C circuits is selected according to the career frequency of the inverter. The resistance of the filter will be overheated and likely disconnected when putting to practical with a number of steps is less than following numbers.

Connecting Diagram

Inverter capacity(kW) Maximum carrier frequency Condition
SJ700 L700 ACL C R
75 6 6 ACL-H2-75 LPF2-H206 R-2-270
90 4 6 ACL-H2-90
110 6 3 ACL-H2-110
132 3 4 ACL-H2-132

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