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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.


Support profile Variable Speed Drive (Order no. 3.072)
Transmission method RS-485
Connector type Open connector (6 poles)
Support file GSD file
ASIC chip VPC3+ (Made by Profichip)
Maximum bus length 100m at 12Mbps, 1200m at 9.6kbps(No rooter used for both conditions)
Maximum number of connectable nodes 126 (Rooter used), 32(No rooter used)
Termination support Yes (Bus topology termination enable)
Support baud rate 9.6kbps to 12Mbps (Baud rate auto-detecting function equipped)
Communication specification Master/slave
Support LED Fieldbus ON/Off-line
Fieldbus diagnosis
Communication Status

Connector specifications

Manufacturer Model Code
Phoenix Contact MC 1.5/6-ST-3.81

Dimensional drawings


Dimensional drawings

Cable connection

NO Signal name Function
1 NET-A NET-A input connection
2 NET-B NET-B input connection
3 Shield Cable shield connection
4 NET-A NET-A input connection
5 NET-B NET-B input connection
6 Shield Cable shield connection


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