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This card has a Lonworks communications such as operation, monitoring status and parameter settings with PC or the other devices. Also, it can achieve a cost reduction due to saving of wiring and furtherware can be installed in system and changed easily.


Device Class Variable Speed Drive
Transmission method FTT-10A (Free Topology Twisted Pair Transceiver)
Connector type Open connector
LonMark Object Support 0000-Node Object
6010-Variable Speed Motor Drive
Support file XIF
Neuron Chip TMPN3120FE5M
Max. bus length 2700m
Max. length between nodes 500m
Max. nodes number 32,385
Termination support FT (Free topology termination enable)
NO (Termination disable)
BUS (Bus topology termination enable)
Support transmission baudrate 78kbps (Fixed)
Data type Pier to Pier
Support LED Power /Inverter
LON diagnosis/ Service
Communication Status

Connector specifications

Manufacturer Model Code
Phoenix Contact MC 1.5/3-ST-3.81

Dimensional drawings


Dimensional drawings


Cable connection

NO Signal name Function
1 Shield Cable shield connection
2 NET-A NET-A input connection
3 NET-B NET-B input connection


Network function must be supported by the software of the inverter used with SJ-DN, SJ-PBT, or SJ-LW. For the detail, please contact Hitachi sales office.

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