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Detecting motor speed with an encoder and receiving the feedback suppress speed fluctuation and realize high-precision operation. Positioning control and orientation with pulse-train input are also possible.

Application Examples

High-precision operation for the main motor of coil winding machine, wire drawing machine, truck, extruder, etc.

Connecting Diagram (Example)

Connecting Diagram (Example)

General Specifications

Item Specification
Speed control Encoder feedback Standard: 1024-pulse/r Maximum input pulse: 100k-pulse/s
Speed control method Proportional-Integral(PI) / Proportional(P) control
Position control Positioning command A-, B-phase, 90-degree phase difference input (By A-, B-, and Z-phase encoder), Maximum input pulse: 100k-pulse/s
Electronic gear Pulse ratio A/B (A, B: Setting range of 1-9999) 1/50≦A/B≦20
Orientation Stop position 4096 splitting per motor's single revolution (When using standard encoder)
Speed Orientation speed and rotational direction can be set
Protective functions Encoder cable disconnection protection, Over-speed protection, Positioning error

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