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For New Users of Hitachi Connected Service

You can register the device info necessary to use the Hitachi facility monitoring service "Hitachi Connected Service".
To register, you need the "manufacturing number" and "customer registration number".
Also, before registration, the settings on the product side (device communication settings, etc.) must be completed. We recommend that you check before registering.

Hitachi Connected Service steps

Hitachi Connected Service steps

For Hitachi Connected Service Users / Users Who Intend to Increase the Number of Units

If you have already signed up, you can log in from here.
You can use Hitachi Connected Service and register additional Hitachi air compressors

Air Compressor Monitoring Service By IoT Cloud

Click here to learn more about Hitachi Connected Service

For Field Communication Check (for Engineers)

From here, you can check whether the information of the air compressor was successfully communicated with the cloud. However, please note that there are usage restrictions.