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Hitachi Connected Service

CBM (condition-based maintenance) from TBM (time-based maintenance).
Reduce downtime by understanding the real-time operating status
through remote monitoring!

What is "Hitachi Connected Service" ?

Hitachi Connected Service is a remote monitoring service that has established a secure monitoring system compatible with IoT.
Operating status of equipment is grasped in real time through remote monitoring.
When monitoring captures a problem with a customer's equipment, an email alert is sent automatically.
It contributes to reduction of equipment downtime.



Hitachi Connected Service supports transition from TBM (time-based maintenance) to CBM (condition-based maintenance).
Hitachi Connected Service can be a useful device management tool for customers with multiple devices and manufacturers of assembled products.
Status monitoring helps you to identify a problem early and implement preventive measures. It contributes to maintenance efficiency.

Without Hitachi Connected Service

Without Hitachi Connected Service
Without Hitachi Connected Service

With Hitachi Connected Service

With Hitachi Connected Service
With Hitachi Connected Service

Cloud with strong security

Cloud with strong security
Cloud with strong security

*Output Status data: Operation Status, Operating time, Remaining time for next maintenance, Pressure, Temperature, Current, Alarm Failure Info, Serial Number


Display Screen

Display Screen


Display ScreenDisplay Screen

24-hour real-time operation
status monitoring for quick response

①Simple and easy-to-read screen design.

You can understand the device status at a glance with Fine / Alert / Failure icons.

②Status can be checked without going to the site

You can remotely monitor the status of the device from the registered account.

③Email notification

An alert email is automatically sent to the registered account when a problem occurs.

Maintenance Plan Proposal
Based On Condition Monitoring

④Information sharing of maintenance history using cloud

Not only the current equipment status, but also the history record can be accumulated and used for maintenance plan management.

⑤Graph display

Status trend graphs improve the efficiency of preventive maintenance and early investigation of failure causes.

⑥Report output

Operating status history and monthly reports can be output and stored in excel format.

Extensive Support Functions

⑦Parts arrangement

You can smoothly contact the maintenance company for consumable parts and periodic inspections.


If a problem occurs, customers are supported with an easy-to-understand manual.



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