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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

HISCREW NEXTIIseries - Energy-Saving, Low Running Cost and Easy-to-Use are realized by advanced technology.

HISCREW NEXTⅡ series oil-flooded rotary screw compressors represent Hitachi’s innovation of air compressor technology. With outstanding reliability, premium efficiency and industry leading performance, HISCREW NEXTⅡ series will definitely match your requirements for air compressors.





Constant Pressure Control,possible of precise control of discharge pressure within ±0.01MPa.


Mtype (Fixed Speed)

ECOMODE, responding to the load ratio of compressor, cut-out pressure is automatically lowered.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Multi-Function Touch Panel

Multi-Function Touch Panel

IT Communication Functions

IT Communication Functions

USB Flash Memory Possible for Data Logging

*Necessary to prepare a USB flash memory device (5.5cm or smaller) on user’s side.
*Operation data for one day is approximately 400kB. (For reference)

Web Server Function via Bluetooth®

*Necessary to prepare a Bluetooth® USB dongle on your side.
*For setting changes, part of the items are applicable.

Modbus® Communication

Open network serial communication Modbus®/RTU is supported as standard.
*Modbus®/TCP support is optional.

  • Bluetooth is the registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc (US).
  • Modbus is the registered trademark of Schneider Automation Inc.



Hitachi’s latest innovation of profile technology

  • High Efficiency
  • Low Noise
  • Outstanding Reliability

Versatility of HITACHI Unique Technology

Versatility of HITACHI Unique Technology

PQ WIDE MODE, by automatically adjusting the maximum rotation speed of the compressor, enables to increase the discharge FAD in case that the pressure declines. Compared to conventional VSD, compressor is possible to operate at a wider range of pressure (P) and FAD (Q).

High Efficiency DCBL Driving System (22-75kW, VPLUS)
Direct connection of new developed high efficiency DCBL motor and air end.
For the control of DCBL motor, cascade vector control (in-line form) is adopted.
Therefore, high efficiency and high reliability are achieved.

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