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The energy saving effect is greatly different according to the load factor

For Super Amorphous X Series, because of the low no-load loss and extremely low standby Power requirement, the high energy saving effect that suitable for the reality is demonstrated.

The current state of transformer load factor

1 Year AverageEquivalent
Load Factor (%)
Power Ratio(%)
Weighted Average
Load Factor in Contracted
Power Ratio (%)
Day time Night time 1 Day Day time Night time 1 Day
210 47.3 32.2 16.7 40 40.8 24.1 33.6
80 35.9 40.5 28.0 60

Amorphous is exceptional material

The merit of amorphous is applied to the core of transformers.

The merit of amorphous is applied to the core of transformers. The amorphous is a non-crystal substance created by rapidly freezing liquids of high temperature. Because there is no rule of atomic arrangement, the energy loss (hysteresis loss) is little when the flux of magnetic induction passes the iron core. Moreover, eddy current loss is decreased because the thickness is approximately 0.03 mm which is about 1/10 comparing with silicon steel . Therefore, the no-load loss (eddy current loss and hysteresis loss) can be decreased to about 1/5 compared with silicon steel.


Concept of Amorphous

About the loss of transformers

The load loss and no-load loss occur at the same time when the transformer is operated, the loss is a useless output chiefly converted into heat.

Load loss (Copper loss)

The loss occurs because of the flow of load current when loaded and it is in proportion to the second power of size of load.

No-load loss (Iron loss)

The constant loss that always occurs when in the state of receiving power regardless whether loaded or not.

Hysteresis loss
According to the change of direction and size of the flux magnetic induction in the iron core, the direction and arrangement of magnetic molecule changes, and friction loss is generated between molecules (magnet protected power).
Eddy current loss
The electromotive force is caused in the iron core because of the flux change, and it is a result of the flow of current, and the resistance loss occurs.

Environmental-friendly transformers

Recycling concept of amorphous

Recycling concept of amorphous

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