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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.


For even (light) lords (Output range : 0.1kW~0.4kW)
Suitable to constant operation
where less impact loads are applied

  • Small size and light weight
  • Low noise
  • Adopt double seal structure


Reduction of weight and volume by about 20% (Compared with our former models)

The size of the gear reduccer unit is reduced with the latest heat treatment technology for the gears. The aluminum alloy frames, "THE MOTORS", are employed for the models of 0.2kW and larger to reduce both weight and volume by about 20% without reducing the toughness of the former CX Series.
The weight and size of each model in this series are reduced largely.

Comparison of weight

Noise reduced with the latest technologies

The working sound of the gears is reduced by improving the actual working ratio with the optimum gear design realized with the computer analysis technology and by employing the unique precision tooth surface finishing technology. The models of this series contribute to quiet environment.

Adopt grease lubrication for all models

Grease lubrication is employed for the all models of CA Series, from 0.1kW model to 0.4kW mode. Accordingly, these models can be installed in any direction.

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