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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

SJ-DN has DeviceNet functions, and it can perform network communication such as RUN/STOP, status monitoring, parameter setting, etc. by connecting with an upper level controller. Expensive hard-wiring can be eliminated for space saving and cost reduction, and installation/replacement within the system can be easily done.


General data Applicable DeviceNet specification Volume 1-Relesse 2.0
Volume 2-Relesse 2.0
Vendor name Hitachi, Ltd. (Vendor ID=74)
Device profile name Slave DC Drive
conformance data
Network consumption current 50mA
Connector type Open connector
Isolation of physical layer Yes
Support LED Module status / network status
MAC ID setting By digital operator
Default MAC ID 63
Transmission baud rate setting By digital operator
Support transmission baud rate 125k/250k/500k
Communication data Pre-defined master/slave connection set Group 2 only server
UCMM Support None
Support connection Explicit message connection, Polled I/O connection
Explicit message fragmentation Yes

Dimensional drawings


Dimensional drawings

Cable connection

NO Signal Cable color
1 V− Black
2 CAN_L Blue
3 Drain
4 CAN_H White
5 V+ Red


Communication power supply (24V DC) is required in system configuration.
DiviceNet is a trademark of Open DeviceNet Vendor Association.

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