Totally-new user interface!

Intuitive operations with a new readily-understandable screen design is now adopted. Most of the operations can be completed on one screen with a simplified and well-arranged design. Complicated operations are not required to obtain the necessary information thereby improving usability.

IC Card with RFID function

With IC cards, login information and print data can be managed.


User login
By scanning IC card, only the registered user can log-in and each user operation can also be limited. It prevents any incorrect operation.

Print data selection
By scanning IC card, the registered print data can be accurately called up. It prevents the incorrect data from being called up which may happen with manual operation.

Use of IC card (RFID function) requires Radio Law approval in each country.

Enhanced network functionality by improving compatibility with the host system

Configuration of an IoT* system can be smoothly realized using simple wiring because of the standard Ethernet feature and open network compatibility. By collectively managing multiple devices from the host system, the information gathering and operations become more efficient.

Internet of Things