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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

Package Oil-flooded Reciprocating

Point1. Use of (NEW) PUSC system

The PUSC system allows efficient operation according to the air quantity used. A semiconductor pressure sensor quickly detects a change in pressure, and the microcomputer selects either "pressure switch" or "automatic unloader" system automatically (patent pending).

Point2. Digital pressure indication

The microcomputer converts the signal from the pressure sensor for digital display of pressure.

Point3. Noise is reduced even more through the development of a cooling air intake/exhaust system.

Point4. A new vibrationproof design that minimizes vibration to the exterior.

Point5. An "alarm" is standard-equipped that lets you know when to supply oil.

Point6. A space-saving design

Use of the PUSC system eliminates the need for a vertical type air tank that was required with the former pressure switch system. (If a large volume of air is needed momentarily, then the vertical type air tank is recommended.)

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